About Us

Postmanflowers is a Danish company and web shop, and we strive to create the most transparent and manageable marketplace for CBD products.

Here at Postmanflowers, we are as big cannabis enthusiasts as you are, and we have a clear vision to offer our customers the very best products at a great price.

All our products are GMO-free and / or organic and vegan.

We have a desire to create value for you who are experiencing the challenges of finding a CBD retailer you can trust.

Products you can trust

As a Danish-owned company and as a distributor of CBD products to both Danish and other European consumers, we are of course subject to current Danish legislation as well as EU legislation that must regulate the amount of the illegal narcotic drug Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Therefore, of course, we guarantee that our products do not exceed the permissible THC content of 0.2%.

Therefore, we only buy products from reputable, Danish, or European suppliers who can legally document the content of THC. In addition, we take additional samples of all our products, which are analyzed at the Austrian laboratory Institut für Hanfanalytik, so you can safely shop with us and trust the products you get home.

You always have direct access to laboratory tests via the QR code on the product in question or inside the web shop via a link in the product description.

More about the product

Product names are fictitious, but not random. We have invented names for our various weed buds based on a sensory test, where each product is named based on the weed buds’ color, aroma, density, etc.

Postmanflowers does not sell CBD products as a medicine or as a food – including dietary supplements.

As a Danish-owned company, we are subject to the EU’s novel food rules, which says that Cannabinoid-containing products, including CBD products, have not yet been risk assessed and therefore have not been approved as a food in EU Member countries.

As stated in the product descriptions, all products are sold exclusively for external use, and other products, such as industrial hemp, sold as health-related, aroma-creating fragrance articles.

CBD products cannot be categorized as medicine, nor can they treat, diagnose or cure diseases. Therefore, there is no evidence that our products act as treatment preparations.

We disclaim all liability that may be associated with improper use in the form of internal use – including smoking all our cannabinoid-containing products.

You are always welcome to contact us for further questions and we will answer your inquiry as soon as possible.

Contact information


Phone: +45 61 68 50 80

Email: info@postmanflowers.eu

CVR: 42799777

All inquiries are answered within 24 hours or less on weekdays.

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